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Recent History:

October 2017
October 2017

September 2018

My wife had been going to the gym for 12 months, and I must admit she had seen some good benefits that helped her rheumatoid and osteoarthritis. She was doing Pilates and Core circuit 3 or 4 times a week. In September 2018 the gym offered a free month for members friend or partner to try out as much as possible. She had been saying for a long time that I really needed to do something but I didn’t really want to listen, however because I had seen a difference in her I decided to give it a try.

I must say at this point that this gym is not your average gym, the sessions are a maximum of 12-14 people and always run by a physio and many of them are heart monitored. No swimming pool - not your typical gym!

Anyway I went for an assessment and then started on their 45 minute Hiit sessions and went four times a week.

Some months before I had visited the doctor with palpitations, but ecg confirmed no problem just me stressing mainly through poor breathing, (more later), and the usual lack of exercise and too much alcohol etc.

60th Birthday
60th Birthday

December 2018

So my significant birthday, beard gone but belly still the same, however I was beginning to feel the benefit of going to the gym. So much so that after the one months trial I was still going 4 times a week.

In fact I was now so interested in health I read anything I could get my hands on:

The 4 Pillar Plan - Dr Rangan Chatterjee

The Stress Solution - Dr Rangan Chatterjee

Plus many other topics that over time will get listed on this blog such as ‘mindfulness’, ‘breathing’, - was I becoming a weirdo?

In November 2018 I bought myself a pair of Vivobarefoot shoes - minimalist shoes ....... my wife tutted and said “oh for goodness sake” ..... I bought her a pair for Christmas and she doesn’t tut any more! (More of this later)

17 months
17 months

February 2020

Look at the picture on the right! I’m really quite proud of this! Lost weight, inches off my waist, belly shrunk quite considerably, excess fat gone from face and neck, BP now down, fitness well up! 

At the time of writing this, (Feb 2020), I’m 61 and a lot different to how I was in Sept 2018, (just 17 months ago), and want to tell everyone! Not to brag, but because people often write themselves off after 60 as ‘too old’. Couldn’t be further from the truth! Also why leave it until my age to make the change? Do it now!

I’ve lost 13kg(2st+) in weight, gone down in clothes size, and feel way better than I have for a long while. Along the way I’ve read loads, got in to wearing minimalist footwear, trying to eat differently, cut my alcohol intake way down etc etc - why wouldn’t I want to spread the good news!


I weighed 83kg(13st) - and at only 5’3” that’s too much and my BMI put me in the ‘obese’ category. I had been this weight for at least 5 years but had gradually been working up to it over at least another 5 years. 

My BP seemed to hang around 140/90 which is borderline hypertension - and had been this for about 10 years.

Now things are a bit different, look at the photo, after just 17 months. This is the story of how I did it, (and how anyone can), and the journey continues. 

No dieting, although now looking in to portion sizes etc, but still going to the gym 4 times every week. Still wear nothing but minimalist footwear, still reading loads, and have every intention of keeping it this way.

My friend suggesting blogging about it so here goes:

’The Actual Blog’ tab will be the one that is updated more regularly and eventually open for comments.

The other tabs will be for specific interest such as ‘Minimalist Footwear’ etc. 

Onwards and Upwards as they say - really hope you find this of interest.